Being conscious of Consciousness

We talk about the subconscious; but, has anyone seen one? Where is it located? In the brain? If not, how is it connected to our thoughts?

The assumed subconscious is derived from the felt Consciousness. Here, we can thank the ancient Hindus for offering mankind a coherent view of what it seems to be. (Refer my recent posts)

Ever-existing, all-pervasive, infusing (human) body and soul, and manifesting (as appropriate) through our minds; what a glorious vista! Yet, are we conscious of our place in the Infinite, as implied by this scenario?

In spite of the overwhelming venality of mankind, with many rulers riding on religion or tribal rights (as on God-given chariots) to power, pomp, and unearned profits, in this epoch of moral degeneration (dominated by Kali, the destroyer), humanity – derived from stardust and destined to return to stardust – must continue to participate in the universal process of conveying (relevant) information from the past to the present. Some would claim that information from the future – incredible as this sounds – can also be made available to the present.

How could any information be transferred through time? Through the Ocean of Consciousness, obviously. This is akin to accepting that waves need a medium, like light waves flowing through the aether.

I look, again, at my personal experiences to see if information about the future can be made available in the present. If this can happen, then obviously information about my past can be available through the same medium.

My future was presented to me through the following events:

  • Seeing in a dream my father’s body laid out on a bed 6 days before his death.
  • A yogi foretelling the destruction of my material prospects and my ‘exile’ from my people
  • A casual clairvoyant anticipating my temporary return to the land of my birth, identifying the precise month
  • A professional clairvoyant foretelling 12 years ahead, that I would be addressing some young people. I did give a talk to students at a university about my first book ‘Destiny Will Out,’ and the bilateral culture shocks when educated young Asian students entered an unwelcoming White Australia
  • Another casual clairvoyant (the one who could see my spirit guide) telling me when my fourth book ‘The Dance of Destiny’ would be published

Since real experiences cannot be denied (especially by professional infallible sceptics), I accept that the future is accessible. How an event which has not occurred can be ‘read’ in advance raises the conundrum of the extent of free will available to us.

That the past can be ‘read’ is more credible, but not where some of this information is claimed to be available: water, stones, etc. Yet, is it possible that everything in the Cosmos is conscious?