The origin of souls

Does every human being have a soul? Why not? Are souls created to match the increasing number of humans being born? Presumably so. Are all human beings aware of the soul within? Perhaps not. Why not? Who knows?

How are human souls created? Do they originate by themselves? We do not know; possibly cannot know. Yet, … …

Many years ago, the spirit of a Native American (Red Indian to my generation), an advanced soul who was ‘channelled’ by an English woman, explained to her group that each soul is like a facet of an ‘entity’ sent to be ‘polished’ in the human realm (my words); and then to be returned. Announcing himself as White Feather, he did point out that explanations given by the spirit world had regard to the level of understanding available within the enquiring audience.

The concept of ‘entities’ (however amorphous) within an ethereal ocean (of consciousness) is worrisome. I envisage a structure-less , all-pervasive, plasma-like insubstantial, atmospheric ‘motherland,’ from which everything arose (the simplest concepts being best).

White Feathers’ explanation may be correct in terms of souls being embodied, but seems somewhat inconsistent otherwise. Is there an alternative possible creative path for human souls? The objective of improving souls by exposing them to the ‘jungle’ of human society is credible in terms of the reincarnation process.

Importantly, there is credible evidence for this process – through the memories of immediate past lives by a large number of young children in many parts of the world which have been proven to be correct.

Could human souls arise in a manner less structured as presented by White Feathers?