Knowing God through the soul

Those who deny God, deny themselves. Those who affirm God, affirm themselves.

God said: ‘Let me multiply! Let me have offspring! ‘ So he heated himself up; and when he was hot, he emitted the entire world, and all that it contains. 

And after emitting the world, he entered it. He who has no body, assumed many bodies. He who is infinite, became finite. He who is everywhere, went to particular places. He who is totally wise, caused ignorance. He who sees all truth, caused delusion. God becomes every being, and gives reality to every being.

Before the world was created, God existed, but was invisible. By means of the soul all living beings can know God; and this knowledge fills them with joy. The soul is the source of abiding joy. When we discover the soul in the depths of our consciousness, we are overwhelmed with delight. If the soul did not live within us, then we should not breathe -we should not live.

The soul is one. The soul is changeless, nameless, and formless. Until we understand the soul, we live in fear. Scholars may study the soul through words; but unless they know the soul within themselves, their scholarship merely emphasizes their ignorance, and increases their fear.

Taittiriya Upanishad 2:6; 7

One can nit-pick about this or that statement above. Semantic arguments are commonplace; they often do not clarify. Learning, through deep contemplation, without any competitive urge, is surely the way to reach understanding of that which is one of the greatest mystery of all – the soul.