Meaning in life quotes

1) Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another. ~ Thomas Merton

2) “There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.”  ~ Anaïs Nin

3) “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Familiar Studies of Men and Books

4) You can hope for a miracle in your life, or you can realize that your life is the miracle.  ~ Robert Brault

5) “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

6) Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.  ~Danny Kaye