The mind in its context

The human mind is a cog in a complex mechanism of existence – and non-existence. I have received evidence, and reported on, the operation of the mind in non-existence – in the realm of the ethereal, the spirit world; a member of this domain involved in a rare contact with Earth-bound humans.

In the domain of near-indefinable explanatory concepts, it should be noted that the Upanishads (the epitome of Hindu metaphysics) states that the human mind is only an instrument of Consciousness.  This is credible in the light of the contacts some of us have had with spirits (who were formerly embodied souls on Earth).

In contemplating such cryptic concepts, one might need to move away from Newtonian concepts in physics to concepts arising from chemistry, to yet more amorphous  and incomparably complex relationships – assuming that the current capacity of the human mind is capable of conceiving (and capturing) such complexity.

That enlightened humans are able to experience such complexities is of no benefit to the rest of us mere mortals. Such rare insights are, quite correctly, said to be beyond words; and thereby incommunicable!

Pondering on – what of a human mind encompassing the associated personality residing, not in the brain, but in a cloud-land? If so, this could be what we refer to as consciousness. The expert tv presenter of the program about how the brain operates may have had in mind something similar to capture at the point of death: consciousness surrounding the brain, mind, memories, and personality.

If consciousness happens to be a pervasive essence which surrounds us, while infiltrating our bodies and minds, or which just enables our minds to be what they are, then the death of a brain should not affect this ‘cloud-land’ consciousness. The mind and personality, by remaining outside the body in consciousness, could continue to exist independently. Most importantly, the mind must have access to memories in the brain.

That Consciousness may be the substrate of all existence is not new. And modern scientists continue to work on this concept with open minds.