A cloud-land as a site for the mind?

The expert presenter of the tv program about the workings of the human brain (refer my previous post) wanted to overcome the assumed loss of both the mind and the memories lodged in the brain when the person dies. In the event, he seemed to hope to be able to capture, at death, any associated consciousness, as well as the memories and personality of the individual.

This is not an unreasonable expectation, were one to believe that the mind and memories are located permanently in the brain.

Following the loss of part of my memory after a heart attack, I accepted that my memories must be sited in my brain. This conclusion was strengthened when part of the lost memory was gradually recovered. What I had lost temporarily was most probably my access to those memories.

But, I had no reason to believe that my mind is located within my brain. It may not. Why so?

When I work on a crossword puzzle, even before my mind begins its search, my brain throws up a clue – mostly correct. My brain, in this situation, appears to work independently of my mind. Where then is my mind sited? Could it be in a ‘cloud-land’ outside my body? Could this then be consciousness, something which surrounds me? Could this also be within me? Complexity seems to be what makes us human!

Consciousness seems to be an attribute which makes me aware (of whatever). Or, is it a facility of which I am aware? For instance, a casual clairvoyant (a person I had never met before) shouted at me in a public space to pay attention (‘listen’) to my spirit guide. He was complaining to her that I had not been listening to him. She could see him, and describe him as she delivered his message for me. I was to listen to my subconscious. That I have, with benefit.

So, is consciousness (a cloud-land) involved in the operation of my mind?