The drivers of Destiny

Anxiety is the underlying, basal level of human consciousness (or awareness of being alive) on Earth. Is it not a Destiny-driven imperative? Being pushed out of the security-surrounds of the womb into a glare of light and noise, and being handled by many hands, would instill the anxiety required by Nature for survival.

Reincarnation, or re-birth of a soul, would involve (according to Hinduism) leaving the peaceful ambience of the Afterlife to experience another life on Earth. This process would have been established by our Creator.

The imperative of reincarnation is explicable. A freshly-created soul would be polished, through multiple Earth-experiences, to its moral potential. The soul would eventually return to the Ocean of Consciousness (or the all-pervasive aether of existence). Is this process also not one of the drivers of human Destiny?

I do not believe that this conceptual framework contradicts the teachings of mankind’s great religious teachers. Devoid of the diverse and divisive dogma constructed after their demise, their teachings share two core guiding principles: that there is only one god for all creation; and that, as co-created, we humans are morally bonded to one another. We arise from the one source and return to that source. Is this not another driver of Destiny?

A significant driver of Destiny would be the submerged memory of past lives embedded in human souls. These must instinctively influence the way we paddle, as we are carried by our individual Destiny streams, and as these intersect and interact with the Destiny streams of others. I suspect that, just as there are nested fields of force in the realm of physics, there are nested Destiny streams covering all of mankind.

Just as we respond unconsciously to the streams of cosmic radiation buffeting us, and react consciously to the pressures of society, we would relate to the influences of intersecting past-life Destiny streams subconsciously. We do not need to remind ourselves that all life is inter-connected. Subtle past-life links will manifest themselves. I write from experience.

The major driver of human progress is indubitably the learning acquired through the progression of personal destinies through repeated reincarnation. The ubiquitous law of cause and effect enables each of us to determine our future lives through each past life. In each life, we are, through free will, free to benefit from the opportunity to learn (or not)!

Regrettably, there is no evidence that there is much of this learning taking place. Does this reflect a global, or even a cosmic, Destiny?

Is that most challenging cosmology, Hindu cosmology, correct – or even indicative? If relevant, what drives those cycles of Destiny, the all-encompassing cycle covering 3.11 trillion years?