Describing psychic surgery

I set out below an extract from the article titled Cancer in psychic healing, as seen by the spiritual healers of the Philippines by Perluigi Marsigli in Kirlian photography by Gennaro, Guzzon and Marsigli. The author describes what he saw when a Filipino healer carried out psychic healing (which was photographed by the Kirlian camera).

“He arrived strong in his faith with the ‘instruments’ he uses in his healing, the Bible, coconut oil and water, the Biblical symbols.

After praying to God in his own dialect he began to inspect the woman; he made her lie down on the bed and searched for the illness with his hands; after this he decided to operate.

This was not the first time I had attended one of these psychic operations, but they are always a wonderful spectacle, which renews the everlasting problem of the scantiness of man’s knowledge. How much more humble we must be in seeking to understand the mysteries of nature!

The woman lay down on the bed and uncovered her abdomen, and he knelt down nearby and entered into a deep state of concentration. Then he brought his hands close together near her skin, and her flesh opened up beneath his fingers, which then went deep into her abdomen while we could hear the hiss of air coming out of the opening. (The woman who underwent this operation had no physical sensation of what was happening; she said later that she had felt something like a light caress inside her intestine and a sensation of an agreeable massage).

Alex enlarged the opening with his fingers, which had gone deep inside, and then withdrew them a second later, holding in his right hand an adhesion which he put in an ashtray filled beforehand with water and lying on the bedside cabinet. Alex then dried the blood which had formed with cotton wool and placed his hand on the scar. When he took it away, the scar had vanished; we could see only a red mark which disappeared finally after a short time.

During the whole length of the operation (about two minutes) Alex remained in deep concentration with his eyes half-shut.”

This report is consistent with what I had read and also been told.