What is psychic healing?

“What is a psychic healer? He is a person like everyone else who, at a certain moment becomes aware that, by putting his hand, perhaps just by chance, on the body of a sick person, he has seen the suffering vanish … The first time this happens he is surprised at his discovery, and is perhaps the first not to believe it. Then, little by little, he becomes aware that very often people who need help, and are given no hope of being healed by official medicine, react favourably to his healing.” … …

“The most genuine and authentic healer spends his own energy and time in attempting, with profound faith, to devote himself to healing men like myself, who have often been left to their own devices. Within the limits of the time available to him, he has never refused to heal anyone, even those who have been close to a death which is certain and unavoidable. He does all this with the deepest humility and almost in silence. Whenever possible, the people who have benefited from his ministrations have not even known who he is.

He has done this without asking for anything in return, with affection and love, … … To do this, he transmits with his own hands, to the person being healed, this unknown energy, which comes to him from the universe, and can be controlled by the mind and directed through the hands … “

“There is no explanation for this. However, the results are there, and this is the proof of the reality of the phenomenon.”

These extracts are from the article titled Bioradiant energy by Perluigi Marsigli in Kirlian photography: research and prospects by Gennaro, Guzzon and Marsigli.

Compare that with the following story. A friend of mine told me that her husband had a near-death experience (n.d.e.), during which he had been told to go back. While they were living peacefully, the wife once suffered severe pains in a leg. Preparing to massage the leg, her husband placed his hands on the leg. To their surprise, the pain was dissipated by his touch.

Soon it became clear that he had, since his n.d.e, developed healing hands. Their close friends confirmed that. He would not accept any payment.

Marsigli’s article continues. “… it is timely to talk of the effects of psychic healing as examined in the Kirlian camera …” “… it will be possible to see clearly that a man’s energy can be transmitted to another man, and that this energy causes certain effects with important variations in the second man; all this can be seen in Kirlian photographs without the influence of hypnosis.”

Food for thought!