Seeing auras

Since I am easily bored, I was not surprised. I had just switched off my attention while listening to a lecture about diet and health. My friend M sitting next to me said ‘Drat!’ softly. When I turned to look at her, she whispered that my aura had disappeared. It had been visible while I was listening with concentration. I did not know then that I had an aura.

The next week, M and I carried out a simple experiment. I found that I could turn off my aura by putting my mind into ‘neutral’; that is, by blanking out my ever-active mind. I then met S, a striking personality, embellished with an impressive hairdo, and lots of makeup. She had not seduced M’s husband yet. She too could see auras. However, the colours she saw were less bright than the auras seen by M at the same time. Was that, I wondered, because S was a more contained (almost concealed) personality?

That my aura is readable was subsequently identified by my clairvoyant friend, my lunch guest for that day. My welcome was displayed by a golden glow around my head, he said.

The so-called aura, seen surrounding the human body as luminescence by some, was once claimed as evidence of the existence of the soul. Then, two Kirlians (husband and wife) believed that they had photographed the aura. In the Preface to the book Kirlian photography: research and prospects (by Gennaro, Guzzon and Marsigli), Dr. Vincenzo Nestler described the effects obtained by the Kirlian camera as having been “obtained by photographing an object lying in a high-tension and high-frequency electrical field.”

In the same book, Perluigi Marsigli, in his article Bioradiant energy expressed interest in working with psychic healers. His intention was to help those with health problems through the use of the Kirlian camera. He details his experiments. He wrote “Kirlian photographs always bore witness to the transmission and passage of energy from one human to another, from psychic healer to sick person.”

Psychic healing is real. The Kirlian camera could be showing one of the paths of the process.