A primordial cosmic energy?

Pierluigi Marsigli, in an article titled Energy in a book on Kirlian Photography by Gennaro, Guzzon and Marsigli (1980), wrote about the ‘corona’ effects observed through the Kirlian camera. He said “ … this effect could be the ‘mystic aura’ or a ‘cosmic flow,’ ‘bioplasm,’ ‘cold emission of electrons,’ and so on.” He intended “ … to show that the corona effect is influenced by the psyche …”

25 years ago, Kirlian photography was of intense interest to me and to those of my friends of like mind. What Marsigli wrote then has implications for psychic healing and related matters; as well, consciousness seems to be seeping into scientific dialogues about the universe.

The following is an extract from the article. “Man’s mind can in fact be considered as a source of energy, the effects of which are known to persons doing research in the field of parapsychology. The mind of a man can make contact with that of another man at the other end of the world (telepathy), can be in contact with events or objects, can follow its own path, can travel and be in two different places at the same time (clairvoyance). It can have a perception or information of facts which will happen in the future (foreknowledge), … Such an energy can cause variations in the state of motion or immobility of matter beyond those which comply with known physical laws.”

“What is this carrier which transmits this energy? What are the mechanisms that start vibrating in the mind of man in such a way as to cause the phenomena mentioned earlier? And above all, what is this energy? … … Is it right to define it as Bioenergy?”

In a footnote, ‘bioenergy’ is defined thus. “Organic energy. Primordial cosmic energy. It is present everywhere and can be demonstrated visibly, thermally, and electroscopically. In a living organism it is present as Bioenergy.” The corona effect refers to the aura surrounding the leaf of a plant or a human hand, made visible through Kirlian photography.