Muddying the perceptions of reality

Since I am close to ‘collecting my wings’ (so to speak), I am unsurprisingly interested in the Afterlife – the place where I expect to continue my learning (as promised by my first clairvoyant). This man did disappoint me when he advised me, 25 years ago, not to be in a hurry to get to ‘the other side,’ as it would not be ‘that different from here.’

While I am not in a hurry any more, I am yet curious as to the kind of space occupied by insubstantial entities, the spirits of former human beings. There surely would not be any need for a 24-hour cycle of day/night, or an annual cycle of seasons, since these reflect the drivers of this rocky ball named Earth rocketing round the sun. Indeed, could there be anything substantial (solid) in this other dimension?

Scrolling through the Internet, I found (much to my surprise) articles describing the sky and the light in the Afterlife; how the arriving spirits are judged, guided, and finally prepared, for another life on Earth. What could have been the source of this vista? Imagination, revelation, or experience?

As a wise man once said, in the context of perceiving Reality through deep meditation, those who know cannot tell, while those who claim to be able to tell could not possibly know – because that exposure to Reality is beyond words!
My objection of any description of the Afterlife based on judgement by other entities, followed by guidance by them, is based on the principle of Occam’s Razor – that the simplest explanation is best.

There is a simpler free-standing alternative pathway, reflecting an automatic independent process, and which is based on the well-accepted law of cause and effect. This is fully automatic, self-driven, and transmutable into a Law of Cosmic Justice, which also permits learning; ie. free will!

Freedom, not judgement! Chart your own pathway! Be a free, but responsible, individual or spirit! Understand that denying the existence of souls and an Afterlife would imply a meaningless existence on Earth, serving no purpose. That does not make sense to me.