How many dimensions of human perceptions?

Most of us would be aware of only 2 dimensions of life affecting us – the physical and the mental. Those who have experimented with, or indulged in, psychedelic chemicals have reported a third dimension – an alien dimension. The first 2 dimensions are verifiable and therefore undeniable. What of the third?

However, how could one reject the experienced perceptions of others? That is, on a logical or pragmatic basis? Beyond the mechanistic material explanatory paradigms of science, there seem to be realms of reality. Perceptions of any of these realms are unverifiable through the scientific method because, by being random and sporadic, they are not repeatable. Collectively, they are like the water flowing down a river; the river remains, while the water it carries keeps changing all the time.

Reality is multifarious. So far, I have identified 3 dimensions. A fourth is the realm of spirits – those who were previously humans on Earth. I have had an undeniable, and enriching, exposure to this dimension. My perception of reality is thus threefold. But I am fortunate in that my exposure to the spirit world was enabled by a third party, a professional clairvoyant. My experience is thus verifiable.

How are those with a claimed exposure to the alien dimension to validate their experience? Some aliens have indubitably assisted mankind in the past – refer the cosmology of Hinduism, the megaliths constructed in various parts of the world, the mysterious Nan Madol, near Ponape in Micronesia, the Olmec civilisation, etc.; and my observation back in 1949/50 of what had to be a spaceship masquerading as a wandering asteroid.

We may need to accept the alien realm as part of our reality.