Other dimensions of human perceptions

Recently, a fellow blogger wrote that, during his psychedelic experiences, he had seen, and been exposed to, what most of us would consider to be incredible to bizarre scenes and events. His statement of ‘perceptions’ include reading what has been termed the Akashic Record, and experiencing investigations by aliens of his body and mind.

In a subsequent conversation, he clarified that he had been shown parts of the Akashic Record relevant to him, by the same kind of beings who had investigated him. He was able to describe these beings.

His experience of being investigated is similar to experiences reported by some people who had reportedly been taken on board a UFO. Many claimed to have been examined, at some depth, by the ETs in the UFOs. One report claimed that his DNA had been manipulated; if practicable, this would require unimaginable expertise. The obvious question is – to what end, and for whose benefit?

Clever men like Francis Crick and Carl Sagan have reportedly also indulged in psychedelic experiences; I am not aware of the value or relevance of their visions.

Shamans all over the world are known to offer insights into other worlds. They are believed to have been aided by psychedelic drugs. It has also been suggested that the minds of successful shamans are not exactly like those of ordinary humans.

What then can one say about the dimensions of reality accessible to us?