Universal consciousness

“I am not proposing that the human mind is able to project itself through space to communicate with some alien intelligence in another star system.

What I am saying is that there exists some kind of universal consciousness that can link together the brains of carbon-based life forms, wherever they are. It exists not in outer space, but in inner space, that is inside our heads, and can be imagined like some kind of neuropsychological Internet chat room, where we appear as ourselves, and the consciousness (or ‘spirits’) of visiting entities, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, can interface with us either in their own natural forms, or as ‘morphians,’ shape-shifters, beings that take whatever form our minds deem acceptable for the purposes of communication.

These links occur in a co-existing higher dimension that exists beyond the space-time so familiar to us, just like the avataristic identities that users assume in an Internet virtual world, And, like the Internet, it is always available to us, its ‘activation’ or ‘online facility’ occurring via our DNA under the correct circumstances, most obviously during the psychedelic experience.

Judging by the achievements of ETI-advocating drug users such as Francis Crick and Carl Sagan, we need to understand this process, which could be important to human evolution.”

These are extracts from ‘The dark between stars’ in ‘The Cygnus mystery’ by Andrew Collins.

I present this bit of lateral thinking as worthy of thought, against the prevailing background of a collective unconscious, a universal amnesia, and such like. It is also interesting to learn that some famous scientists have had psychedelic experiences; and that such experiences may provide useful insights not otherwise accessible about how humans fit into a realm beyond the immediate.

A universal consciousness is an attractive proposition, especially as Consciousness is surfacing as a major component in explaining the Cosmos and its contents.