Have extraterrestrials (sky-beings) been on Earth?

“During the 1970s, UFOs were big news, and the likelihood of some kind of extraterrestrial contact being made was a thrilling prospect. … … (Yet) nothing so far discovered in the archaeological record argues for the intervention of alien beings in the evolution of humankind.

In Chinese mythology, some of the earliest kings of China were said to have been sons of star-gods, while the kings of ancient Sumer and Akkad (in what is now Iraq) bore a star symbol after their names indicating that they were the product of a divine union with sky-beings. … …

Then there is the work of cultural historian William Sullivan, who … highlighted the Andean belief that: ‘In this world we are exiled from our homeland in the world above … which is ‘up there,’ in the northern night sky … … Sullivan pointed out that for these indigenous peoples, ‘the souls of the living originated in the sky, where they “rest in the firmament until they become incarnated.”’… …

In the Indonesian Archipelago, several island cultures are said to be directly descended from sky-beings. The Posso-Todjo Toradja, for example, say that they are the children of Lasaco, the ‘sun-lord’, who married a Toradja woman. Eventually, ‘he returned to the sky,’ and his people departed from Pamona and founded a line of chiefs at Waibinta Luwu.

In Taiwan, the non-Chinese Tsalien people say that their ancestors came out of the moon, while the Kayan and Kenyah say that sky-beings made the first man and woman in the form of stone images. The Totemboan say that To’ar, a ‘sun lord,’ married their daughter Lintjambene, while her son Si Marendor was said to have been half sky-born and half made of stone.

These examples are given simply to demonstrate how across the world indigenous cultures have believed that their entire existence is as a result of life on Earth having been seeded from elsewhere whatever way their creation myths might have interpreted such information. Many other examples might be cited, such as those North Americans who point towards a star and say that it is their original homeland, or the African peoples, including the Dogon of Mali … who likewise claim to be descendants of sky-beings.”

These extracts are from ‘Life’s origin elsewhere’ in ‘The Cygnus mystery’ by Andrew Collins

Whether extraterrestrials came to guide or assist human societies on Earth is a different question. It seems that there has been some such intervention, even if they were not involved in our evolution.