Taking the high road with spiritual intent

When the spirit of my uncle suggested that I ‘go north’ as part of my ongoing spiritual growth, I went to consult my sister’s guru in Singapore. I had 2 questions for him. What is Reality in Hinduism? ; and how should I deal with my confusing contact with the spirit realm?

Before talking to him, I had spent many weeks scanning/skimming through many books about Hinduism (by valued commentators such as Vivehananda), and about Western views on Reality. I should, of course, have remembered my reading of the Upanishads. By the time I met the guru, I had accepted that only through deep meditation could I hope to perceive Reality (perhaps to the extent that we humans are capable of perceiving beyond the material domain).

On my second question, the guru said ‘Why not accept and act on the advice received?’ He also warned me about faulty ‘radio sets’ and questionable ‘messages’ received through such sets. Sound advice indeed!

So, I went to an ashram about 6 hours’ drive north. During a week’s stay, I attended a 3-day course on meditation. I enjoyed the learning. The rest of the time I painted an external stairway; reciprocity applied. What was interesting was that I was the only person there gifted with a proper skin colouring; and the sunyasins behaved just like those in Malaya. However, there was no mention of Hinduism; only to Yoga.

Other observations: I was the oldest person there. Those already committed to yoga seemed to be in the 30s and 40s. However, in performing the Ode to the Sun, their performance was akin to calisthenics. Many of the male sunyasins I was able to observe were into deep cleansing, using a tape which they swallowed, and then extracted. I had seen this done in my youth.

I returned to a silent meditation Easter weekend later. Some of the many attendees were a little anxious. No eye-to-eye contact while sitting next to one another on the steps of buildings – there being no dining room – was permitted. Having lived as a near-recluse for a while, it was home away from home for me.

On my last day there, I had a deep spiritual experience during meditation. My joy was overwhelming! When I returned home, I began to write. After more than 2 decades, my outflow has not stopped. I feel guided, but driven; that may be why I am not allowed to go where I should.

Under my author name Raja Arasa Ratnam (as there seem to be many Arasaratnams and Rajaratnams around), I have published 6 books (now on Amazon Kindle), 44 articles (about 800 words each) on http://www.ezinearticles.com, and nearly 1,000 daily posts (averaging about 400 words each) on my blog ‘An octogenarian’s final thoughts’ (refer rajarasablog.wordpress.com). I offer thoughts, and raise issues, but I have nothing to sell.

I thank my Spirit Guide (my casual clairvoyant has seen him) for inspiring me. I am grateful for having been given meaning for this life on Earth. Life without meaning is mere existence.