Allowing the facts to speak for themselves

When prominent protectors of the status quo could not bury Velikovsky with their barrage of professional scepticism (much of it undeserved and decidedly spiteful), there has been considerable research into Velikovsky’s theory of global cosmic cataclysm. So I discovered half a century after I had first read Worlds in collision (in 1953).

Allan & Delair wrote Cataclysm (see my earlier posts) to explain the ‘bone caves’ which contained the fossils, all over the world, of ‘incompatible prehistoric animals,’ within each cave, and the remains of humans ‘found in similar conditions, radiocarbon-dated to times consistent with the animal deaths’; these included a diversity of ethnic groups buried together. Their conclusion suggests a catastrophe of mythic proportions’!

Paul La Violette, systems analyst, physicist, and mythologist, discovered evidence of a ‘different sort of cataclysm – a volley of cosmic waves resulting from an explosion in the galactic core.’ He detailed his case in his Earth under fire (‘a synthesis of astrophysics and ancient mythical and esoteric traditions’). ‘Within months of the event, La Violette says, a shroud of cosmic dust would have caused severe climatic changes on Earth, periods of darkness, severe cold and then extreme heat, massive flooding, and incendiary temperatures as the dust interacted with the Sun …’

‘La Violette builds a scientific and mythological foundation for cataclysm as a cyclical event …’ ‘The galactic core explosion cycle is another important cycle that Earth must reckon with,’ La Violette says, citing numerous ancient traditions, many of which reveal that advanced astronomical knowledge, and therefore advanced human beings, existed in pre-cataclysmic times.’

The extracts above are from Cataclysm 9500 BCE by David Lewis, in Forbidden History, edited by Douglas Kenyon.

What we Seekers of understanding (if not knowledge) need are open minds, not infallible sceptics. Scepticism establishes nothing. Go seek!