More evidence of technical skills before the Deluge

If the information in the preceding post (Physical evidence of pre-Deluge civilisations) “ fails to impress as certain evidence of wide-ranging technical abilities before Phaeton’s visit, how does one view the ruins of a well-made village at Jarmo, 30 miles (48 km) east of Kirkuk in north-eastern Iraq, where charcoal samples have been dated at 11,200 +/- 200 years … The village itself is apparently at least as old as … these dates.

The capacity to build such a village so soon after the inferred date of the Phaeton disaster was only possible if knowledge of organised construction and the requisite skills to effect it already existed among the builders. These must have been catastrophe survivors, or their immediate offspring, possessing a tradition of building techniques.

Larger relics, such as the buried remains of large well-formed boats or ships, probably as coeval with at least some of the aforementioned artefacts, have occasionally been encountered at various depths in ‘drift’ deposits. As these ships, which have been discovered in Peru, Switzerland, Russia, and South Africa, occur either in solid stone or at remarkable depths underground, and are unquestionably of great antiquity, reasonable grounds exist for regarding them as vessels which were probably overwhelmed and buried during the Phaeton disaster.”

The extracts above are also from ‘Cataclysm’ by Allan & Delair. The authors have provided a very large number of relevant references, and have also presented their case, in great depth, in a plausible manner.

The totality of events triggered by the cosmic cataclysm of about 13,000 years ago (confirmed by Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith in their book ‘The cycle of cosmic catastrophes: flood, fire, and famine in the history of civilisation’), followed by the extreme cold of the Younger Dryas (lasting about 1,400 years) probably left few survivors.

The Younger Dryas was probably caused by Phaeton drawing Earth into a temporary trajectory away from the sun. Why else would the globe suddenly freeze?