Are we mushrooms?

“Since the nineteenth century, Western scholars have routinely dismissed the historical significance of the cultural traditions of ancient peoples … With a decidedly ethnocentric bias – the intellectual stepchild of Western colonialism – the experts reinterpreted Eastern history, casting whole systems of ancient philosophy and science, in the experts’ minds, into the historical dustbin.

This historical dustbin is the repository of all things conflicting with European models, such as biblical Christianity and scientific materialism. Here we find the very inception of the ‘knowledge filter,’ now well known to students of alternative archaeology, geology, and other disciplines involved with the search for lost origins.

India, with her treatment by the West and her acquiescence to that treatment, typifies the way in which Western intellectualism conquered the world. Call it the ‘West is best’ model: a strict adherence to European doctrines that deny traditions and attempt to offer decidedly more ancient theories regarding the origins of civilisation than those of the Western scholars. On top of this, add a scientific materialism that denies all non-material theories regarding the origins of man, life, and reality.”

These are extracts from ‘India 30,000 BCE’ by David Lewis in ‘Forbidden History: Prehistoric Technologies, Extraterrestrial Intervention, and the Suppressed Origins of Civilisation’ edited by J. Douglas Kenyon.