My understanding of Destiny

“My present understanding of Destiny is that we are indeed
marionettes, the puppet master being a set of circumstances
set up by ourselves. That is, we have free will, exercised both
autonomously and reactively. By our actions and thoughts, we
set in train the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect; that is, the Law
of Cosmic Justice (or Karma, as the Hindus term it).

We, in each life on Earth, carve out the banks and the rocky
Impediments through and over which will flow the river of our
personal destiny in the next life, even as we obey the imperatives
of Destiny in our current life. The latter would have been carved
out in previous existences. Just as there are scientific laws which
govern our physical lives, so there seem to be cosmic laws which
govern our existence from birth to death, and thereafter.

Thus, in each life, I will paddle on the river of my personal Destiny.
My trajectory will be within the walls of the canyon and over
those rocky impediments I had carved out during my past life. As
I paddle, relate to others, and respond to circumstances reflecting
both the Law of Chance and the cosmic unavoidables (exercising
what free will seems available), I will be carving out the framework
for my next life, paying off my cosmic debt, and improving myself
spiritually (if that is what I want).

Seems reasonable, does it not? Thus, I reached the conclusion, as
said by some guru, that karma, like shadows, follows one everywhere.
I also felt that chance must have an independent role in the
circumstances of my life.

So where is God in all this? All that is required from the one and
only Creator is to set up the mechanisms underpinning our lives
and relationships, let them evolve as appropriate, and allow us to
choose our own path and bed. In some circumstances, He/She
might choose to intervene in our lives.

But then, why not leave that work to the higher beings in the spirit
world? They certainly seem to have been active in my life. Indeed,
I can testify that I have received the odd message – and in a timely

In so doing, were my spirit guides acting on their own? Or, were
they only instruments of Destiny? If the latter, were they guiding
me to optimise the opportunities available in my path of Destiny
to improve my life-chances in both my current and future lives?

Or, were they acting at the behest of God, who had chosen to
intervene in my life?”
These paragraphs are extracts from my second memoir ‘The Dance

of Destiny’ (recommended by the US Review of Books and available

at Amazon Kindle).

I believe that my interpretation of Destiny leaves us free to make

our own beds and then lie on them. Free Will rules, right?