An image of God

If Man had been created in the image of God – see Genesis 1.27 in the Bible – would God necessarily have both substance and form, as mankind does? If not (obviously), what other attributes would be relevant in conceiving an image of our Creator?

On the other hand, Zachariah Sitchin tells us that the Anunnaki from planet Nibiru had created ‘the Adam’ about 300,000 years ago. He said that ‘the Anunnaki had jumped the gun on Evolution through genetic engineering.’ ‘By mixing genes extracted from the blood of a god with the ‘essence’ of an existing earthy being, “The Adam” was genetically engineered.’

This ‘god’ was an Anunnaki, a giant. Sitchin describes an assembled Great Anunnaki (‘who administer destinies’) as the Elohim, the ‘Lofty Ones.’ He quotes Genesis 1.26 thus. ‘And Elohim said “let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.”’

Later, refers to God as the ‘Hebrew Yahweh Elohim.’ This is confusing. Surely, God (of the Bible) would not have been related in any way to the Anunnaki ‘gods’.

Yet, the Bible seems to have drawn upon Sumerian writings to a large extent, while probably borrowing (as suggested by some writers) the mythology and other religio-cultural concepts of a few earlier tribal cultures in neighbouring terrain. This would be normal practice for all societies – like fusion cuisine, the borrowing of clothing styles, and adopting useful words from contiguous tribes.

Do those who are devoted to prayer or contemplation need an image, even a mental (possibly third-eye) image of God? Hinduism has images of deities who are only manifestations of an ‘unknowable’ God; while Buddhism has images (as I have read) of human attributes. Islam rejects images.

As a metaphysical Hindu, I do not need an image of God. Since I do not believe in an interventionist God, I do not need one. I do not ask for anything; and I can offer thanks without focusing on any image.

All that I seek is an eventual merging with the Divine, soul to Soul!