Recycling the soul

I quite like the idea of my soul being sent back to Earth to be polished again and again. I gained this thought from a book about an ‘old soul,’ self-named White Feather, who had been ‘channeled’ at meetings of a small English group. I have heard of a couple of comparable groups in Australia, one of which had been guided by an old soul who had reportedly presented himself with a ‘Chinese’ face.

White Feather had told his English group that each soul represented a facet of a multi-faceted ‘entity, sent to Earth to be polished, and then finally returned to that entity. He also did point out that his explanations had to have regard to the level of understanding prevailing in the group at that point.

Assuming (sensibly) that each human has a soul, and being aware of the billions of humans on Earth, I had speculated in my first memoir (‘Destiny Will Out’ – refer Amazon Kindle) whether these entities multiplied – so as to provide the souls needed – or whether they just kept growing in size (for the same reason).

I then concluded that reincarnation (for which there is clearly persuasive evidence) provides opportunities for a progressive moral improvement of the soul. The question which then arose was why the human soul needed to be polished. When a soul arises from Hinduism’s Ocean of Consciousness (otherwise known as that ever-existing, all-pervasive, aether), was it in a rough ‘uncut’ form, requiring faceting and subsequent polishing?

Therefore, could one conclude that, with the ultimate return to that Ocean or aether of significant numbers of ‘polished’ souls, the Ocean/aether would itself be enhanced (progressively)?

Isn’t that an uplifting thought – that by improving ourselves we contribute to the enriching of our Home?