It cannot happen – so, it isn’t

A relative of mine and his passenger observed, as they drove by, a slim woman, sari-clad, standing by the roadside in the dark. His rear-vision mirror did not, however, show this figure. Other drivers had reported this experience over a period.

Since I have read that Western people have claimed to have seen ghost-like apparitions which disappeared upon closer inspection, and since a small mirror and (later) a photo were removed from a wall within my home and placed in such a way as to attract my attention – suggesting to me that a close friend of mine was trying to tell me that she is now dead – I can accept that spirits can seek to reach out to those left behind. The appearance of my long-dead uncle (refer my earlier posts) is yet another indication of this intent.

Poltergeist disturbances do not seem to have been explained. These are allegedly associated with the presence of adolescents, who are themselves neither involved nor affected.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience and other comparable psychic capabilities do suggest that there are unexplained influences at work, permitting the display of perceptions beyond the scope of the average human. A collective (or even Universal) Conscious or Unconscious may also be at work.

Such phenomena which are REAL experiences, but inevitably and unavoidably without corroboration by others, cannot be denied just because they do not fit within the MECHANISTIC MATERIAL explanatory paradigm of modern science. These experiences are ethereal (non-material) and non-mechanistic (non-repeatable in a controlled environment).

In a universe in which everything is seemingly connected, and almost anything can happen, what use is there in claiming that ‘It cannot happen’? How do we know what cannot happen, or what is not? Does the sceptic always know best? Actually, he does not claim to know better; he simply denies your right to seek to understand!

Closed egotistic minds do delay progress in understanding the full potential of humanity, and how we fit into this mysterious and challenging universe. The spirit world will always over-ride the material realm.