The Unity of the Family of Man

My 5 non-fiction books, 4 of which were recommended by the US Review of Books, represent a sliver of Australia’s post-war history. So said a professor of history. My writing reflects my experiences, both as a settler over more than 6 decades, and as a government official responsible for policy on all aspects of immigrant integration for many years. That is, my writing represents the perceptions of an ‘insider’ (a settler in Australia) who is also an ‘outsider’ (a product of Asian communalism). This judgement was offered by senior academics in diverse disciplines.

Without their pre-publication endorsements, I would not have published ‘The Karma of Culture,’ ‘Hidden Footprints of Unity,’ ‘The Dance of Destiny,’ and ‘Musings at Death’s Door: an ancient bicultural Asian-Australian ponders about Australian society.’ My book of fiction, ‘Pithy Perspectives,’ was written and published for fun. Just for the record, all my books received favourable reviews post-publication. Refer Amazon Kindle.

My policy experience covers ethnic affairs & multiculturalism; citizenship & national identity; refugee & humanitarian entry; and official settlement assistance.

My first book, ‘Destiny Will Out,’ was written in response to advice from the spirit world (refer that I could ‘contribute to building a bridge from you came to where you are’! It is my first memoir, ‘The Dance of Destiny’ being the second.

Since arriving in Australia during the White Australia era (in 1948), I have observed Australia mature into a cosmopolitan multi-ethnic nation. Once both host peoples (Anglo-Australians) and post-war immigrants (the ‘wogs’ from Europe) got over their initial bilateral culture shocks – I too can testify to these culture shocks; but also to the racism and the sectoral religious divide between Roman Catholics and the rest) – everyone got along with one another with increasing tolerance and understanding (the unavoidable yobbo the exception).

In spite of a handful of ‘desert’ people claiming an unwarranted and untenable religio-cultural superiority, we Australians will work together to achieve that Family of Man. The cosmic tide is with us!