The threat to cultural cohesion

Traditionally, families have tended to keep themselves ‘pure’; no foreigners to join the family through marriage. In Australia in the post-war years, ‘foreign muck’ was deplored (food, that is). Religion-based tribes sought to keep their people attached to the umbilical cord of ‘tradition’ (based often on a Good Book, which also suggests destroying unbelievers). Cultural isolation remains the driver in a number of ethno-religious communities, even today.

Yet, ’fusion cuisine,’ shared clothing styles, shared lifestyle values and practices, and inter-ethnic marriage are breaking tribal barriers. A shared education enabled by humanistic teachers, habituation in social and sporting contacts, and a rising awareness that we are more similar than different, helps to limit the constraints of tribalism in a multi-ethnic, multicultural nation.

My memoirs, ‘Destiny Will Out,’ and ‘The Dance of Destiny,’ supported by ‘The Karma of Culture’ and ‘The Hidden Footprints of Unity’ which deal with the integration of immigrants into the nation in which they chose to live (available as ebooks with Amazon Kindle at $US 2.99 each) highlight my hope of a universal Family of Man – in recognition of our co-creation from that Ocean of Consciousness, and to which we will return.

Australians, as a nation, were well on the way to this worthwhile state. However, the establishment of ethnic residential enclaves has enabled, not only political representation, but also commercial corruption. Worse still, a minority of immigrants now seek to avoid integration into the national ethos in Australia, through the establishment of a parallel system of law (sharia), and the separation of their peoples from the evolving mainstream of a unified Australian people. Transferring a desert culture into a Western welfare state – what an ambition!

How foolish is it to bite the hand which feeds you?