The falsity of racial superiority

The term race is a misnomer. It is both meaningless and misplaced. It reflects merely that claimed superiority of the ‘white’ colonial Christian, who had a fun-time ‘lording’ it over the ‘natives’ all over the world for a few centuries. The claim of a white person being innately superior to all others was asserted, even by European academics, during the 18th century, the white people becoming a ‘race.’ All other races, especially the subjugated ones, were thereby coloured. The white races of East Asia became ‘yellow.’

Most of the people on Earth are coloured – about 85%. This ratio is expected to rise to 90% in the near future. Where did white people come from? There is an Internet site which claims that they are derived from albinos, who tend to have red hair and blue eyes.

Against that, I have read that a major irradiation of Earth from space about 40,000 years ago resulted in the eventual de-pigmentation of a band of the global population. This ranged from (east to west) the Japanese, through Tibet and the Himalayan region, to Central Asia, to Europe. There is an increasing tinge of colour, also going from east to west, the European colour being slightly coppery. This was recently claimed to be the assessed colour of Neanderthal Man.

The result of the cosmic de-pigmentation was apparently settled after about 2,000 years or about 71 generations (of about 30 years apart).

The re-colouring of Europe, begun recently through its coloured colonial chickens ‘coming home to roost,’ devalues the concept of race.