Explaining the Cosmos – structure vs. process

“Western science has sought to discover the ultimate makeup of the physical world by searching for nature’s ultimate ‘building blocks.’ Atoms were believed to be fundamental until it was discovered that they were made up of subatomic particles. Later, high-energy physicists theorised about the existence of even smaller subdivisions of matter called quarks.

Throughout this atomistic crusade, there has been a tendency to regard structure as the primary basis for physical reality and to relegate process to second place, being thought to arise from changes in the arrangements of these more fundamental structures.

The ancient science of creation takes a very different approach by instead positioning process as the basis for the physical world, actively maintaining even the most basic of physical structures. Although they produce observable physical form, these processes are themselves not ‘physical’ but ‘meta’-physical, that is, ‘beyond’ the physical. They occur in a subtle ether that is inherently unobservable.

Whereas modern physics recognises the existence of only observable physical phenomena and concerns itself exclusively with studying these phenomena, the ancient science recognises also the existence of the metaphysical realm and focuses primarily on describing that realm as a way of understanding the physical.

This more ancient view portrays the metaphysical realm, the domain of the spirit and soul, as being more fundamental and more primordial, the physical world being a more transitory form of existence generated from the metaphysical. The physical is not portrayed as separate from the metaphysical, nor any less sacred; rather, it is a more visible aspect of the metaphysical.

Expressed another way, whereas modern physics traditionally recognises the existence of only the explicit order, the more outwardly apparent structural-physical order of matter and energy, the prehistoric science recognises that this explicit order is an expression of a more fundamental and less obvious implicit order, the functional order inherent in the arrangement and interplay of the underlying ether process.

This notion that the physical universe emerged from an underlying spiritual realm hidden from the senses is a central teaching of most religions.”

So says Paul A. Violette, Ph.D. in ‘Genesis of the Cosmos: the ancient science of continuous creation’

Comment: What a vista! Reality representing the more ethereal or insubstantial realm of humanity’s ‘Afterlife,’ rather than the earthy scrabbling for sustenance (for survival) and the mindless acquisition of material possessions (even on other planets). Although we know little of our cultural ancestors (both historical and pre-historical), could they have been more advanced than we claim to be at a spiritual level?