The mythical Rama empire

When I was reading about the mythical Atlantis, I came across a report on an alleged war between Atlantis and Rama, another mythical empire. How many such empires have there been? What is one to believe?

It now seems clear that early history has been ‘doctored’ by writers who had a colonial mindset. All previous civilisations which cannot be denied were given a short history. All religions were deemed to be new. These writers were European. They seemed to be attempting to place their newly-arrived culture in a competitive position. Did other historians in history bother with such a consideration?

Why not accept that certain peoples had advanced cultures and technologies a very long time ago? I am reminded of the young bull displaying his newly-found testosterone to the old bull.

There are so many unexplained matters which, while visible, do not seem to be investigated. Who taught the Egyptians their advanced geometry? Who taught the ascetic Hindus that spirituality over-rides materiality? Who built the great structures at Nan Madol, in the Americas, and elsewhere? How were the great monoliths cut, shaped, transported, lifted, and placed in position so precisely?

I am seriously beginning to wonder whether some of the theories of science, or most of the history emanating from the West, is comparable to the reality of Western democracy. I have 3 votes, and they do not mean a damn thing in reality; I am ruled by the games played by people who have achieved control of the electoral system.

At the level of international relations, who could one believe? We are fighting those who want to establish a caliphate, but are not told how they were spawned, organised, financed, equipped, and clothed. Millions of innocent people are killed, maimed, displaced, with Europe being invaded, and the humanity of the human species is going down the plug hole.

Is it any wonder that we cannot find out what happened in history? As for pre-history … … ! Did the Empire of Rama actually exist?