The Cosmic Event and its aftermath

A large fragment of supernova Vela, ‘composed of pure stellar-matter’ and ‘very dense and atomic … sub-lunar in size’ entered the solar system. Phaeton, ‘pulled sunwards’ when it encountered Neptune, dislodged one of Neptune’s moons; this became planet Pluto. It then dislodged the moons of Uranus. Saturn’s moon Chiron also became a planet. Jupiter and Mercury, being on ‘the other side of the sun’ avoided contact with Phaeton. Phaeton then destroyed Tiamat, the presumed planet between Jupiter and Mars. The asteroid belt between these two planets would seem to be the remains of Tiamat.

Dragging the remains of Tiamat and its moon Kingu, Phaeton slowed Mars’ rotation. The ‘two rapidly spinning moons’ of Mars may be fragments of Tiamat.

‘Charging through the emptiness between Earth and the Moon,’ Phaeton ‘stretched the Moon’s orbit’ while causing the Earth to tilt. ‘The swarm of planetary debris accompanying Phaeton’ (inluding Kingu, Tiamat’s moon) exploded, showering Earth with a ‘celestial blizzard of rocks, stones and dust.’ ‘The Earth’s crust shifted and plunged it into upheaval.’ Folk memories from all over the globe attest to these terrifying events.

Passing Venus, Phaeton ‘flipped’ it over, ‘sending it into a rotation opposite to that of the other planets.’ It then disappeared into the sun.

The extracts above are from Flem-Ath’s summary in Allan & Delair’s ‘Cataclysm.’ The latter also point out that the Phaeton event was exceptional. Yet, have there not been cosmic impacts since?

However, following the celestial disorder and the terrestrial chaos, including conflagration, darkness, and flood (the Deluge), there followed a sudden extended period of glacial conditions. Does this not suggest that Earth’s trajectory had taken it away from the sun as a consequence of Phaeton’s impact?

Since Allan & Delair challenge the theory of ice ages, could recurring glacial conditions on Earth reflect repeated movements of Earth away from the sun as it moves through space?


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