Incredible claims

The Big Bang Theory of cosmogony is a claim by science which bothers me most; but I mean no disrespect to those clever people who conceived it, apparently proved it, and remain working on it. It does not make sense. Another theory in science which is unconvincing is the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. Now, a new claim from science suggests that there may be many versions of myself in this universe. While the first two theories above have a great deal of relevance, of what value is the third?

I did meet this ‘multiple versions of you out there’ claim relatively recently through a spiritualist group. The members were not scientists. The person who told me about this belief reminded me of those theologians (usually active in power-displaying institutions based on authority), who profess to tell those of us who seek succour from the vicissitudes of life, how to jump onto the treadmill they control, in order to reach Heaven (hopefully a place of peace which is pain-free).

As a freethinker, I believe that religious belief is a personal matter between me and my Creator; and that each of us should be free to trudge through the thicket of existence in search of the numinous. Of course, one could choose to ride in a charabanc driven to Heaven by a uniformed employee of an authorised travel agent. It is only when such a travel agency exercises dominance over independent seekers through its influence over governments that the pathway becomes horrendously pitted. One’s life can be constrained by the game-strategy of such power-seekers.

In contrast, whatever speculative scientists conceive of can rarely interfere with our lives, and our freedom to think and act for ourselves. They also make progress through challenge, and appropriate changes in their speculative perceptions. Indeed, there seem to be quite a few countervailing approaches in explaining the universe we occupy.

I am attracted to the idea of a non-material aether which pervades all.