Celestial disorder

“The effects produced by a great world conflagration accompanying huge tectonic upheavals are graphically described in many traditions and written accounts …” “Ovid tells how a celestial body, called Phaeton, approaches Earth …” “Greek writer Hesiod described the effects of this great conflagration which, preceding the Flood, was attributed to a celestial body called Typhon (another name for Phaeton) …” “The Typhon legend was especially connected with pre-dynasty Egypt, where Typhon was also called Set, another name for the biblical Satan.”

“Strabo records that the Egyptian shore of the Red Sea was once called Typhonia.” “ … an old Arab tradition asserts that ‘ … the Red Sea is simply water that did not dry up after Noah’s Deluge.’” “ … from Persia … ‘The sea boiled, and all the shores of the ocean boiled, and all the middle of it boiled.’” “ Several North American traditions refer specifically to the phenomenon of superheated water.” “… on the Pacific coast, Amerindian legends state that ‘ … many animals jumped into the water to save themselves, but the water began to boil.’”

“The great Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, from which the Biblical account of Noah’s Flood is derived … refers to a great ‘hail from heaven’ and a tremendous whirlwind or cyclone which ‘swept up to heaven,’ accompanying a flood that ‘swiftly mounted up … to the mountains.’”

“Sanscrit verses allude to the same effects.” “Other flood traditions … describe the Deluge as a veritable water-mountain.”

The above paragraphs are extracts from Allan & Delair’s ‘Cataclysm’! Would recorded history over-ride the sceptics? Yet, we do have asteroid watchers, who apparently need a warning period of up to three years to act. What could they do to deflect an object many miles across in size?