A possible re-alignment of the continents

Drawing upon a massive number of researchers, Allan & Delair in ‘Cataclysm: Compelling evidence of a cosmic collision in 9500 B.C.,’ published in 1995 their attempted explanation of the terrible global conflagration, which was followed by heavy rains and the Universal Deluge. They dated this cataclysm at 11,500 years ago. These alleged events destroyed almost all of life on Earth.

This book was published a decade before the presentation by Firestone et al of their attempted explanation of what they refer to as the Event. This began with an apparent supernova explosion about 41,000 years ago, and culminated (with a suspected additional involvement of a comet) about 13,000 years ago.

The circumstances at end point of both scenarios were comparable.

Since Sitchin, relying upon Sumerian records, dated the Deluge at about 13,000 years ago, one might accept that the Event, however caused, occurred about 13,000 years ago, or a little later.

Allan & Delair rejected comets, asteroids, satellites (moons), and even planets as the cause of the cataclysm, in favour of a substantial fragment of the supernova Vela. Their presentation of the path followed by this interstellar intruder, named Phaeton, include events which seem plausible. These include the destruction of planet Tiamat, located between Mars and Jupiter. Sumerian writings interpreted by Sitchin support this occurrence.

Phaeton is claimed to have also had a wide range of other impacts on the solar system on its way to the sun. Of all these, the possibility of a significant tilt of Earth, and its consequences for the placement of continents, are interesting.

A progressive tilt of Earth, caused by Phaeton moving along by its side, reaching to about 90 degrees from the vertical, would result in continents in the west moving to the south; and continents to the east moving north. No continental drift, no tectonic plate movements, and no significant changes to the circulation of magma below the crust and mantle of Earth would need to be involved as possible causes. The axis of rotation would presumably remain as it was; why should it be affected?

That the coastline of frozen Antarctica and its mountains are already known suggests that it was elsewhere once. This view has reportedly been accepted. Is this indicative evidence of a north-south shift of continents previously aligned west-east? That chilly Siberia and the northern lands of today were once known to be tropical also suggest this re-alignment.

Then there is the issue of the axis of rotation. Allegedly, it was near-vertical before the cataclysm. Could that be true? What caused it to shift to the present axis?