Any other evidence of Earth’s recent tilt?

To my surprise, I read from the Internet that a house in the northern hemisphere facing north ‘at the 33rd latitude’ now receives sunlight in a front-facing room, but which had never received any sunlight during the previous 50 years (refer I should not be surprised. Since the sun rises further south during my summer in the southern hemisphere (my home being on the south-east corner of Australia), it should rise further north during a northern hemisphere summer.

However, a claim that the Earth’s tilt is now 46 degrees, instead of the normal 23.5 degrees, sounds excessive. Strangely, there is a claim that the Antarctic too is now melting. How could it, when the tilt I experience would have moved the South Pole away from the sun? The warmer water from the north sloshing around the edges of Antarctic ice is not going to melt all of Antarctica.

As to why the tilt of Earth is at 23.5 degrees, it has been claimed that the cause was probably the bombardments experienced by the globe during its formation. Yet, other researchers (refer Allan & Delair) have suggested that Earth was not tilted before the catastrophe of about 11,500 years ago. The implications of that are: that there had been no seasons, the climate would have been equable, Earth’s rotation slower, and so on.

I do recall my elders saying that, once upon a time (but this is not a fairy story), Siberia had a warm climate, and that tropical conditions prevailed around what is now near the Arctic Circle. In fact, there is some evidence in the Arctic region of human occupancy of built homes.

Such conditions certainly suggest a significant tilt of Earth. Only a major collision, electro-magnetic or physical, could explain such a tilt – as well as the cause of the Younger Dryas – the sudden onset of cold which froze everything, including the mastodons, instantly.

Look and ye shall find – but you might not like it!