Another explanation for the cataclysmic Event of 13,000 years ago

An alternative – and earlier – explanation for the most recent cosmic catastrophe (the Event) is far more dramatic than an un-named supernova explosion whose effects were spread over 28,000 years. This alternative explanation too drew upon a massive amount of research material by scientists.

Then, there were a couple of centuries of a belief in uniformitarianism (that Nature does not behave erratically) to over-ride. The stakeholders in a number of scientific disciplines would also need to be convinced about the reality of the Event and its probable causes. Such is the path of progress in seeking to explain many events that presumably were, or even that are.

What are the events that the sceptics need to be convinced of? That there had been a deluge so vast, universal in scope, that more than 50 folk-memories refer to it? That the alignment of our continents was once East-West, instead of the current North-South alignment? That the tilt of Earth was once vertical, thereby enabling an equable climate throughout the year? That the hills of Earth had been quite low? That the globe-wide flood involved the waters of the oceans being piled up through the presence of an interstellar object of great magnitude and gravitational influence? That one of our planets had been destroyed by this interloper? That moons (satellites of planets) had been dislodged or destroyed. What of the reverse rotation of Venus?

Of great relevance is that the presence of an interstellar intruder between our moon and Earth would result in terrible consequences. Do we really want to know all that? Best not look under the bed in case a hobgoblin has set up home there. Know not – and live in peace?

The reality is that interstellar intruders do not mean to cause humanity harm, unlike the evils propagated by mankind. These are destroying civilised behaviour all over the world. If this is part of an alleged Sixth Extinction, has the supernova explosion 41,000 years ago had a causal influence, as claimed by some writers?