In the image of God?

Were humans created in the image of God? I hope not! I do not like God to have the visage (face or countenance) of a typical human. I like even less the idea of God’s nature being in any way akin to that of Man. The unlimited greed and evil manifest by collectives of mankind – ranging from gangs, to communities (the political and religious included), to nations – suggest, as philosopher Schopenhauer said, a need for a higher image of a human being.

This is why I prefer Hinduism’s form-less, substance-less, etheric God. And, it is possible to contemplate this concept of God through one’s ‘third-eye’ or soul – so I believe!

Yet, I do appreciate – indeed, accept – that those of us who need to propitiate natural forces way beyond our control, or to seek succour from the heavy burden of existence in a harsh material world, or even to offer thanks to God, might need a more tangible form of God. As well, ritualistic offerings to images of God can soothe one’s soul, or offer hope of a better life.

Ultimately, irrespective of one’s image of God, one can hope for an improved version of the human species through a collective reaching for the Divine. This reaching is, I believe, innate in the human soul. On a ‘courses for horses’ perspective, the choice between spiritual contemplation and ritualistic prayer would be one that is totally personal.