A Seeker wanders and wonders – The destination

As a little boy, I would look to the sky and wonder where God is located. Where else could He be? As I grew up, the then Stationary State cosmology did not put a dent in this belief. He was there somewhere. However, the Big Bang Theory ‘upset the apple cart.’ God had now to be outside the physical Cosmos. Where?

When I then read that God is ‘unknowable,’ and lacking both form and substance, I wondered whether He is located in another dimension. Luckily, my cultural heritage did not promise everlasting bliss, or the possibility of sitting on God’s knee, when I died. But where would I be located before each re-birth? In the same or another dimension? Would I meet God there? The more one learns, the less one knows!

The following conundrum applied when I contemplated the objective of meditation. Is there any point in seeking to still the mind when it is already at peace? Yet, I did hope to understand Reality (which must include both the material and the immaterial) through some process of awareness. However, Maya now clouds this objective. Will whatever I perceive be real?

I then read that it is not the external, impermanent, even ephemeral sphere which is pertinent in the search for an awareness of Reality. I noted that I should be seeking awareness within me – to reach that part of God, that amorphous essence pervading all of Creation, which is within me. Is that the soul – the real me (who is in an existential transit through a spectrum of Earthly lives)?

When my mind, which is said to be only an instrument of Consciousness (that Ocean of Existence), finds my soul, would that be what is meant by ‘Realisation’? When I still my mind to reach my soul – the presumed extension of God within me – would that be the ultimate destination of my peregrination through Existence? If this view is correct, would I not need to be adequately ‘polished’ before Mind meets Soul?

Or, is it the case that my soul is separate from that part of my Creator said to be within me? I now so believe!

Perhaps I should cease being a Seeker, and sail my frail sampan on my personal river of destiny in calm contemplation, until its currents take me to where I must go – in due time!

It is the journey, not the destination, which must be crucial to learning about ultimate Reality. Isn’t learning an enrichment of the soul?