A Seeker wanders and wonders – The pathway

When one considers the long spans of time built into Hindu cosmology, and the reality (yes, the reality) that we humans will be reincarnated on Earth until we are adequately ‘polished’ to be able to return Home (the birthplace of our souls), I wonder about any need to seek an understanding of Reality within a single lifetime, or even within a span of a number of lifetimes. Yet, Hinduism offers a pathway for this search for Reality, while Ultimate Reality will surely await your return home.

But then, no matter how ready the boat you have acquired, you also need the tide to come in, to take you to the Ocean of Consciousness. We are said to have arisen from that Ocean. After quite a number of Earthly lives, we could hope to return to that Ocean. According to the spirit of a Native American named White Feather, the objective of life on Earth is moral cleansing (my interpretation of ‘polishing’). White Feather’s message was channeled to an investigative group in England years ago.

While on Earth, it is apparently possible to apprehend Reality through deep meditation. Described as ‘Realisation,’ it seems to require great preparation. Presumably, one’s mind and soul would need to be cleansed of any psychological detritus in preparation.

What does one do with this awareness of Reality? It would seem that, as this process of becoming aware is beyond words (I can understand that), those who have come to ‘know’ cannot tell us – not in words anyway. Therefore, those who seek to explain to us about this awareness could not possibly know (so I have read). What then? Would those with this awareness be required to remain on Earth as enlightened persons to guide the rest of us? I hope so.

However, how would a Seeker of understanding find such an enlightened soul? When the time has come, would a guru subtly call the Seeker?