If foretold, was this predestination?

“I know I would meet you here this month” said the stranger (a casual clairvoyant) to me – when no human alive could possibly have foretold where I would be 6 months ahead. “You will have a book published this year” said another casual clairvoyant. That did happen. “Your marriage is over. Don’t you know?” asked a professional clairvoyant. No, I did not know. How could these people – of 3 different ethnic origins – see what had not yet eventuated?

How could I leave footprints where I have not walked? What did these people see in their mind’s eye? Indeed, the events are so trivial – unlike, say, major catastrophes affecting large numbers of people – that one can wonder why they were ‘registered’ before their occurrence. Is every action-to-be ‘registered? Why so? Think of all the trivia, the mundane events, recorded somewhere. Why bother?

I have also been told about a belief – seriously held – that God is preparing our planet for mankind, the chosen species. All the major events, including the cataclysmic, which have occurred to date are believed to be part of that process. This then should, in my view, include Zachariah Sitchin’s claim that there are 223 genes in Man which are not to be found on Earth; and the creation of ‘the Adam’ (our forebear) by giants from planet Nibiru. Why not indeed? Did anyone foresee them?

Against this concept of predestination stands the cosmology of the Hindus. This postulates cycles of birth and death of the Cosmos over 3.11 trillion years. Within this cosmology is the expectation that the creator of each such cycle dies with his creation; and that a new creator will arrive with a new Cosmos. Who or what stands behind this process? And this is predestination with significant implications.