Predestination or free will

Do plants and trees not compete with one another to obtain the maximum exposure to the sun? I have watched 2 of my planted trees, of small stature, suddenly grow tall, very tall. They are being challenged by a self-sown flowering plant which grows new shoots around itself. These lean against my trees and clearly seek to grow taller than the trees. The trees will not allow that.

It seems to me that purpose underlies this competition. If so, could one see this as an expression of what we call free will – the ability to do something autonomously, consciously? Probably not, unless one accepts that consciousness permeates all forms of life on Earth.

Comparably, it is evident that we humans do have free will – to a degree, and here and there – within the real-life constraints of genetics, epigenesis, past life-determined pathways, guidance from the spirit world, the law, the impacts of sundry human actions and cosmic forces, and so on.

Yet, there is reliable evidence that the future can sometimes be foreseen. Does this mean that our free-will actions are, in fact, necessary steps towards predestined ends? So, when sculptors work to achieve the figures they visualise in their minds, can their outcomes be definable as predestined?

But then, take this post. It is not what I had planned to write. Does this indicate that there is predestination of another kind – that this is the post I had to write?

So, when my life-path involves me moving steadily, with both style and decorum, on my stationary treadmill – which is not taking me anywhere soon – would that be predestination or an expression of my free will?