Will colonialism ever admit its insensitivity?

“Another defender of the pristine purity of the ‘discoverers’ of Australia believes that the facts of history must be drawn only from official archives. If the killings were not documented, then there could not have been any killing! So, there go much of the Old and New Testaments which, surely, did not draw upon official archives. And, of course, officials do not ever sanitise documents, do they?

And scholars do not allow their prejudices and private beliefs to be used as filters, do they? It is therefore worth pointing out that Afrikaaner politicians in apartheid South Africa, and venomous snakes everywhere, have been described by their respective defenders as ‘sincere’ in what they did. In which case, is it not a pity that the beneficiaries of such sincerity suffered so much?

One might also expect that any community leader would understand instinctively how the loss of children denies the continuity of heritage to the family, the clan and the tribe. Any human being would suffer, through empathy, for the feelings of those torn away: the terrible sense of injustice arising from separation from parents and siblings; the loneliness of deprivation of family, clan and community, and its replacement by master/slave (or servant) relationships, or even colder and often cruel institutional upbringing; the uncertainty of cultural belonging, and of one’s proper place and role in society; the sense of inadequate acculturation and an unclear identity, without pride in ancestry, ethnic or tribal origins, and traditional customs; and of the insecurity injected continuously into one’s psyche about one’s inferiority — of blood, skin colour, culture.

I speculate about the psychological problem of ‘feeling black’ whilst ‘acting white’.

Whilst white defenders of the indefensible keep shoring up the crumbling defences of white hegemony and purity of intent, the ‘blacks’ are, most sensibly, not focusing upon the past. They do not regurgitate the collective memory of deleterious consequences of the eugenics policy; the price of enforced sharing of official settlements and reserves which broke the links with their traditional lands; the exploitation on cattle properties which would not have been viable without underpaid black stockmen and the cost-free access to black women by white employees and bosses; or the damage to Aboriginal ‘story places’ which were ‘no entry’ zones, in order to protect the continued productivity of a fragile environment.

These zones were opened up by Christian missionaries. In their ‘absolute ignorance’ and ‘indomitable indifference’, they exorcised these ‘no entry’ zones, thus enabling environmental degradation.”

(These extracts are from ‘Hidden Footprints of Unity.’ They display a terrible past. What of the future?

As long as the neo-colonials of the Western world continue with their destruction of large numbers of innocent civilians, especially the women and children, in their futile ambitions to ‘fight terror,’ change regimes and borders (but not in the West), and seek to control lands and peoples, either to gain access to wanted resources or to peer over the borders of other nations of interest, can there be an uplifting of the morality of mankind?

These so-called ‘neo-cons’ are not the only people so greedy for power, and for the establishment of their faith as superior, that they can sublimate an innate recognition of other humans as fellow travellers on Earth. All of us came into being empty-handed. Guess what? We will leave the world empty-handed.)