A travesty of justice

“The maltreatment of many of these ‘pounded’ children (the ‘stolen generation’) is now well documented. They were forbidden to speak their language; denied food, clothing and blankets at times; physically and sexually abused; and not taught to read and write. So said many of the survivors of the policy. The priesthood does not come out too well from this experiment either. But, why punish the children for the sins of their parents?

Who were the sinners? Weren’t they the white men who sired them so casually without accepting responsibility? Or, like rape victims, does one blame the women, or perhaps their ‘culture’? To claim that the intent of the practice of removing the fairer children was of the highest order was to ignore what actually happened. For those clever people denying that there was a travesty of justice in the ‘pounding’ program, to then argue that only the adversarial process in a court of law can establish reliably the facts of the ‘pounding’, is to reject a very substantial part of official history, archaeology, and similar studies, and related academic disciplines.

There seems to be clear evidence of white males in the outback travelling with a black teenager in tow (a sort of multi-purpose slave); of masters of cattle stations and their white employees ‘begatting’ and then ignoring their mixed-blood offspring; of black drovers being ordered to stay out until the sun went down, so that the white men “… could go and f..k … the gins …”; of Aboriginal women who had been “… raped by whites, Greeks, Japanese, Chinese or whatever …” (indicating the common ends of many men in the outback).

Yet, there are people attempting to play down the atrocities of the past by seeking to denigrate anyone who displays undue sympathy for the blacks, and to diminish the blacks themselves in significant ways. In this context, I am generally spoken to as an honorary white. “

(These extracts from ‘Hidden Footprints of Unity’ will upset those who claim that any unsavoury past should be forgotten. However, if we do not learn from the past … … ? Anyway, the guilty would have been ‘recycled’ long before the present, to experience any lessons reflecting cosmic justice.

If a Court of Cosmic Justice exists (I fervently hope it does), it must be awfully busy all over the world offering learning to those who ignored the obvious – that we humans have an obligation to all other humans by having been bonded by Creation; and that, since everything in the Cosmos is interlinked, any adverse ripple in the fabric of our environment caused by insensitive humans has ongoing after-effects. Over time, cumulatively, such ripples degrade what it should mean to be human.)