A First Nation civilisation

A few years after the initial ‘discovery’ by Captain
Cook, it was apparently known that the indigenes not
only occupied the land and used it with economic purpose,
but also (according to the highly respected Dr.Coombs)
“… lived in clan or tribal groups, that each group had a
homeland with known boundaries, and that they took their
name from their district, and rarely moved outside it”.

It was also known that they had, and applied, firm rules
about trespass, kinship ties, marriage, child rearing and
other matters, the hallmarks of an organised society; that
they had a “habit of obedience” to their rulers and leaders,
a hallmark of a political society; and that they had an
ordered ceremonial life, reflecting the sharing of a spiritual
vision, a hallmark of a civilisation.

Apparently, they also had their own zodiac, which guided their activities.
Their artistic records are also well known and respected.”

(These paragraphs are extracts from ‘To have a dream’ in Chapter 3 of ‘Hidden Footprints of Unity,’ available as an ebook from Amazon Kindle at $US2.99.

The Australian Aborigines were destroyed successfully through invasion, occupation and despoliation of cultures. What was the role of the churches, apart from gathering the souls of the dispossessed to the bosom of Christ?)