The world is white no longer

“The world is white no longer, and it will never be
white again”, said US author James Baldwin.

What a solace to those trying to acquire a nice tan; and to those who
are free to determine their own fate.

And a clever Aboriginal hit the nail on the head thus:
You white fellah
Wen you born, you pink
Wen you grow up, you white
Wen you get sick, you green
Wen you go out in sun, you go red
Wen you get cold, you go blue
Wen you scared, you yellow
And wen you die, you purple.
And you got the cheek to call me coloured.

I suggest that we should take to heart the conscience arousing
words of Xavier Herbert: “Until we give back to
the Blackman just a bit of the land that was his and give
it back … without anything but complete generosity of
spirit in concession for the evil we have done him, until
we do that we shall remain what we have always been, a
people without integrity; … “

(This extract is from my book “Hidden Footprints of Unity,’ chapter 3 ‘To have dream.’ It deals with the matter of skin colour.

To be fair, the idea of terra nullius, that Australia was unoccupied before the British invasion, is now dead under the law. Native Title Rights have also been established under the law. Whether this means anything of durable material value to Australian Aborigines is something that ordinary unprejudiced fellow citizens cannot be sure of.

Fortunately, propaganda spread at the time of the High Court decision granting these rights, that 85% of the swimming pools in suburban Australia would be taken over by Aborigines, faded away. Yet, prejudice remains, some of it clearly overt.

Until the nation’s governance reflects the ethnic diversity of the population and their various religious beliefs, white male Australians will continue to rule, with a certain affinity for the Mediterranean reflected in policies.)