A nearby cosmic dimension as a temporary home?

My blog headed ‘An octogenarian’s final thoughts’ has indeed been presenting near-end-of-life peregrinations through pastures offering food for philosophical mastication (chewing the cud) by those interested in the human condition. Having ranged, in my daily posts, through a wide variety of issues of likely relevance to those whose lives have a longer future, I am now focusing on matters very close to the border of Earthly existence. Intimations of mortality are, of course, to be expected to flit into one’s mind the further one moves past one’s statistical use-by date.

Those who believe in the reality of the human soul, and its extended trajectory through repeated Earthly lives, are enriched psychically by their knowledge that each life offers real and substantial opportunities to improve oneself morally. Even if one’s karma, fate or destiny (choose your preferred concept) is to experience a life of hardship (relative or absolute) – the normality of existence for most people in most parts of the globe – what would prevent this individual (a) from seeking the Divine, (b) from attempting to peer into the Void of cosmic existence, and (c) from reaching out to other humans as fellow sentient beings on the same path? The privilege of being a lone guru (or sufferer) is rarely bestowed upon anyone on this path of search for spiritual development.

At the end of each life on Earth, whether it has been spent running on the treadmill of mere existence, or also walking on the threefold path outlined above, there will be a need for a break; I write from experience. Having done both, I am very, very tired. I will soon find out about my next home, which I believe to be in a cosmic dimension intersecting with Earth. Logic suggests that this is how it must be.

While I cannot visualise this Home, I look forward to enjoying it – as I must have done many times before. While I will not remember this Home, this temporary location for recharging my soul-battery, I will return to Earth as a new human being, but a maturing soul.

Having squawked loudly initially at being pulled out into the sea of Earthly existence, I will then paddle and swim with equanimity according to my new personal destiny. This destiny will be intermeshed with those of my Significant Others. And I will use my free will to paddle in the right spiritual direction. So maught it be!