Are ‘universes’ the same as ‘dimensions’?

One may wonder why we need to consider the possibility of other universes. We cannot yet explain the universe we know. We also have enough difficulty in finding other sentient and intelligent beings in our universe who might wish to converse with us. And we are never likely to have any connection with another universe; not while we are in human form, and grounded on Earth.

Yet, in the light of our understanding, if not acceptance, of the reincarnation of human souls (as reliably evidenced by past-life memories of very young children throughout the globe), we need to postulate a location for our souls after we have departed Earth. We need a home, don’t we?

A clairvoyant who has demonstrated to me his links with human spirits told me that I would, after my demise, go to a place ‘not that different’ from here (and where I would be able to extend my learning). I have difficulty in contemplating a ‘place’ in which insubstantial beings would congregate for varying periods before reincarnation – because I cannot imagine an insubstantial location. Or, would our souls be wafting through a cloud-like residence in an R&R mode? (R&R = rest and recreation). Just a thought! (There’s no point being old without being inclined to speculate freely about anything and everything, is there?)

In the absence of any other information from someone I consider knowledgeable and reliable, I am inclined to a belief that our souls will move to another dimension (not another far-off universe); and that this dimension (however defined) is very close to us. Why close? Because of my exposure to 2 spirits. I feel that human spirits have speedy access to Earth. And why shouldn’t they? Isn’t Earth their other home?