Second thoughts about a multi-universe Cosmos

A further consideration of a multi-universe Cosmos: where do these many universes come from? How does each universe come about? Do they also breed, in the sense of a continuous creation of whatever ‘substance’ may constitute a universe? But then, could each universe possibly vary in its constituent ‘substance’?

A more interesting consideration: have these universes always existed? Why not indeed? Or, do they die, and subsequently become reincarnated – but only in the way our star-dust is said to be reconstituted into new stars (and attachments to the stars, including any life-forms)?

What a thought! A Cosmos without a beginning or an end, with universes appearing and disappearing. Compare this perspective with the ancient Hindu cosmology, which postulates a 3.11 trillion-year cycle of existence and then of non-existence of each Cosmos – with shorter life-cycles for the component universes.