The most likely origin of evil

In an evolutionary universe, that is, in a universe in which change is ubiquitous (omnipresent and unavoidable), that which is durable and survives (whether sentient or otherwise, motile or otherwise) will come to the surface (so to speak) of a specific environment. In the event, will there be a need for a cosmic creator of what we define as evil? Could not evil, because it does provide gains, have simply evolved?

Further, assuming that evil is no more than an intent (and that seems to me to be correct), and the (sole) intent is to cause harm, then this (intangible) motive needs no home or origin other than the human mind. The principle of Occam’s Razor supports this conclusion.

Were we, by comparison, to examine the world of animals and insects, would we find evidence of an intent to cause harm other than through the need for sustenance? Do not large carnivores co-exist in reasonable proximity to their potential prey until their empty stomachs speak up? Surely, scorpions, serpents and bees cannot be accused of evil intent when all that they want to do is to forage for food.

The only exception I observe is the domesticated family pet in suburbia, the cat. These do kill birds even when they are very well fed. Is there any evidence of evil intent (to do harm for other than survival) in the realm of fauna and other motile forms of life?

The sole exception, in my assessment, is Man, the highest evolved member of the kingdom of fauna. Evil deeds camouflaged as well-meaning acts, supported (perhaps only implicitly) by some purveyors of institutional religion, are causing terrible mayhem; their intent is not restricted to acquiring needed resources. I refer to the behaviour of some governments in particular in mid-2015. Therefore, is not evil, the potential and the capacity to do harm to fellow humans and to other forms of life, built into our nature?

How did we evolve to this level of barbarity, when our predecessors in the evolutionary chain do not display this ability to do harm for petty purposes? And why blame God for our moral depravity?