Could any terrain contain evil influences – Part 3

That there may be places and terrains which are malevolent was brought to my mind only recently. I read that a man suffered pain like an electric buzz in his jaw whenever he was in a particular terrain. It was not clear whether a particular building was implicated. That story triggered my memory about a comparable experience a lifetime ago.

When I was based in a disused army camp, then a university campus, set in a desert in south-east Australia, I too had that strange pain in my teeth. This very sharp pain occurred 3 times over a period of a few months. On each occasion, the campus dentist employed by the university pulled out a tooth without ado; the first 2 extractions represented the unwarranted loss of necessary molars, possibly the third as well.

I was 19, alone in a strange country whose universities took no interest in the welfare of fee-paying foreign students, and whose dentists pulled out teeth freely. I know this to be true because I subsequently met 2 healthy young girls who wore full dentures! There were also lots of older people wearing full dentures. How primitive was white Australia in its early years?

What happened to me in the campus also set me on a very slippery slope to almost total destruction – of my academic studies, my confidence, my position and status within my family as well as within the tribal community at large, and any prospects I might have had of a materially successful future.

While I now accept that it was my personal destiny to undergo this fire, I also believe that I was sent to a place which was evil in its impacts upon me! The record shows that I would have been the last youth to have failed so abysmally.

I also accept that, as I stated in a recent post, I must have represented part of the vanguard of people chosen by the spirit world to act as catalysts for societal change in various parts in the world after the end of World War 2. I was sent to Australia. (My earlier posts explained what and how it all happened.) We must have been assessed as capable of surviving psychically unscathed – while materially denied – in the manner of steel being tempered by fire. We, the catalysts, should thereby be morally enhanced by our painful experiences. Read my ebook ‘The Dance of Destiny’ (available at $US 2.99 at Amazon Kindle).

My personal fire began with a place of evil set in a desert. Destroyed materially by this evil, I could then be shaped, as needed, to do what I had to do (and I did acquire valuable skills and relevant knowledge progressively – read my other books). The hardships in my subsequent life were like water splashed onto a duck (drake?).

Was the evil which I now feel I experienced applicable only to me? Or, were there others who too were undone by that (and other) evil places?