Could any terrain contain evil influences – Part 2

Beliefs in relation to influences associated with physical terrain include the role of ley lines. A ley line has been described as a ‘straight fault line in Earth’s tectonic plates,’ which allows for magnetic energy to be released through these cracks. The energy may (reportedly) be positive or negative, although it is difficult to understand how energy can be described as negative (except perhaps in polarity).

Ley lines have also been described as hypothetical alignments of ancient monuments and megaliths in Europe. Could these then apply to the structures on Nan Madol, Machu Picchu, Egypt, Central America, etc? Ley lines have been described as mystical lines by the druids of Europe, as song lines by the Aborigines of Australia, spirit lines by Native Americans, dragon lines by the Welsh, and dream lines by non-Chinese Eastern peoples. Many of these peoples allegedly claimed that they were told about the lines by ‘sky gods’!

Most interestingly, shamans have reportedly used the electromagnetic energy in these lines to contact the spirit world. Would this explain the descent of certain shamans deep into caves, in order, not only to isolate themselves from the intrusions of ordinary life, but also to tune into the realm of spirits? The few reports of such contacts are fascinating (because some of the ‘spirits’ may have been extra-terrestrials), while incredible.

But then, isn’t the complexity and mystery of the Cosmos, and our place in it, also incredible? At times I do wonder whether what we think we know is that relevant. Should we not be looking for an investigative paradigm to complement the mechanistic material paradigm which has proven itself in the measurable and repeatable realm of physical science?

As for ley lines, is there any evidence that they have produced negative impacts? In any such impact, could the fault be with imperfect humans? I recall a friend telling me that when he visited the Nan Madol site, he was advised not to remain overnight. He did not!